Set apart by schisms
Ripped from root and stem
“Tell me why, Lord
why are we this way?”

Little lights they wane
in the darkness so black
In a world where the truth
is unmentionable

See, they wane
and are consumed by this very evil we created
“Make me good, Lord
make me like you?”

And see
For whose glory do we plough the fields, where
we sew and we reap?

we are never enough
nor could we ever be
before that which created us

So do not strive
Do not work
Pick up His cross
and know that by not being enough
in essence we are, and
always will be

Because we are loved for who we are
Not what we have done

And see
these little lights turn bright
Flashing and burning
where once was cold and dim

Revelation 22:20–21





Deeb. Can be spotted in the wild kicking footballs around coastal paths and probably drinking dirty chai. Christian. All photos are mine unless I say otherwise.